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Make your own stamp and create geometric dish towels

Homemade stamps16

When it comes to decorating, I find that every little detail is important. For instance, my apartment has an open kitchen and I was tired of seeing my old stained dish towels hanging under the sink. I found some pretty creations on Etsy but the idea of spending too much money on dish towels is just not for me. I mean, I am crazy about decoration and I love being surrounded by pretty things but after I get gorgeous dish towels I still have to fill in my fridge ! That’s why I tried creating my dish towels from scratch and guess what ? That wasn’t that difficult to begin with and creating patterns from homemade stamps was a lot of fun !


Homemade stamps1

For this DIY I used :

– a magic sponge (made of melamine foam)

– a cutter

– glue

– pieces of wood

– a sewing machine

– fabric (I chose white cotton in 16 X 26 in)

– fabric paint

– a paint brush



What I did :


1 – first I cut the fabric at the size of my dish towels

2- I created hems all around by folding the edge of my fabric twice, ironing, pining and sewing the border.


Homemade stamps8 Homemade stamps9


3 – I cut out little triangles in the magic sponge with a cutter

4 – I glued the triangles on to a piece of wood. The stamp was ready !


Homemade stamps2 Homemade stamps3 Homemade stamps4


5 – I put some paint onto the stamp with a paint brush before I placed it on the fabric


Homemade stamps7 Homemade stamps6 Homemade stamps5


6 -On the first dish towel I created a pattern with my “four little triangle” stamp. I placed stamps side by side to create lines of different length.

  – On the second one I used a bigger triangle to create a random  pattern and alterning with black triangles I draw with a fabric pencil. Then I let it dry outside


Homemade stamps10 Homemade stamps11 Homemade stamps14 Homemade stamps15


7 – I ironed the dish towels for a few minutes with a piece of fabric in between.

Homemade stamps13


8 – I added a little tie at the bottom to hang my new dish towels. And this is how I got my two new geometrical dish towels.


Homemade stamps17 Homemade stamps18 Homemade stamps19


This is an easy way to create homemade stamps with simple shapes. I think more detailed shapes would require an other technic.

I had a lot of fun with this DIY. I hope you’ll enjoy creating your own stamps !




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