Repaint a vintage locker

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Who doesn’t like the vintage look of old lockers ? They bring a nice industrial touch to any decor.


When Johan and I first moved in together, we didn’t have a lot of furniture (and not a lot of money either). So we get used to reuse and repurpose old furniture that we found on the streets, family gave us or we bought from second hands. I found that I loved having furniture with a story to tell.

The story of this locker is that it comes from a high school where it was used by teachers. On the back of one door you can still read the name of a former school director. I left this little inscription there, as a testimony from the past.


The locker was originally grey but I decided to paint it white (our apartment doesn’t have a lot of light so white is always a good option).

The problem was, I had never painted a metallic piece of furniture before.


I first thought I would use spray paint but my dad (my go-to person regarding big DIY projects) told me it was hard to get a nice finish without drips on this type of surface. I finally opted for a foam paint roller and universal all surface paint.

To protect the locker and have a nice finish I varnished it. On the advice of the vendor I bought an acrylic varnish. It was a bit more expensive but I do not regret it.




How I did it :

 – First I washed it with detergent powder so the surface would be perfectly clean

 – Then I sanded the surface with abrasive paper so the paint would stick.

 – I clean of the dust

 – I painted it with a foam paint roller and all surfaces paint (3 coats) respecting the appropriate amount of time between two coats.

 – I varnished it with an acrylic varnish and a foam roller (2 coats)




How did it turned out ?

– The foam roller gave a nice smooth finish and the varnish has proved itself to be very resistant

– I love the white color

– The locker has been in our bedroom for one year now and I still love it

– The only negative point : the locker weights a ton and our bedroom is upstairs (we didn’t thought this trough when we got it). We managed to lift it upstairs but we will definitely have to find lots of friends to help us when we move out.



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