Flowers Covered Pallet



Today we’re up cycling a wooden pallet and making a plant covered wall. This is the type of DIY projects I love ! It’s green, it involves up cycling and it cost almost nothing…


Our  apartment is located in the first floor of a very old building  downtown Lyon. It’s a small duplex with a patio bigger than the living room and kitchen combined. This patio is the main advantage of our home but when we first saw it it sure  didn’t looked like that… The apartment had been damaged by the former tenants and the patio hadn’t been spared. I’ll show you “before and after” pictures in an upcoming section called “home tour”.


Today I present you our vertical garden, which is one of the first outdoor projects we realized in the patio. For this project, I used a shipping pallet I found on the street and removed some planks to create two flower boxes. One at the bottom for bigger plants, one on the top for flowers.


I used :


– shipping pallet

– black plastic cover

– nails

– a hammer

– a staple gun

– a screw driver

– a hacksaw

– potting soil and pebbles

– plants and flowers




What I did:


– I removed some planks from the back of the pallet, plus the third plank from the bottom to leave space for bigger plants and I put the two top planks closer together  (I wanted to hide the plastic cover showing between the planks).

– With the help of a screw driver and a hammer (using the screw driver as a lever) I gently raised the planks I wanted to remove

– When there was enough space, I took a hacksaw and saw the nails (there was two nails in each side of the pallet).

– I placed the planks on their new location and nailed them.


– I used the planks from the back (you can also take pieces of plywood) to create two flower boxes. I placed them perpendicularly, behind the bottom plank of each box. There is one at the very bottom of the pallet and another under the second plank from the top. I secured with long nails passing by the two big pieces of wood on the right and on the left of the pallet.


Palette6Palette 2






– I covered the interior of each box with black plastic cover, cut to size and secured with staples.

– I filled the boxes with pebbles for drainage. I added potting soil and displayed the flowers.

– I filled in with potting soil and watered abundantly.


Palette9 Palette10 Palette11 Palette12

One year later, I replaced the annual flowers and added more plants. I love how it brings colors in the patio.


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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