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Good news ! A Pretty Idea has been selected for the Liebster Award which rewards the best young blogs on Hellocoton.

A Pretty Idea has been selected by two bloggers, first by Jee, the talented photographer of Expositions Photographie and by Laurène from Les ateliers de Laurène.


The aim of this award is to discover new blogs. To participate you have to tell 11 things about you, answer the 11 questions and ask 11 questions to 11 bloggers you follow.


As A Pretty Idea is a very young blog, I didn’t create an “about me” post so far. This is a fun way to present myself.


11 things about me:


01. I love upcycling. Most of our furniture came from the street or was bought on second hand and start a new life in our appartment.

02. When I was little, I thought that “good night” (bonne nuit) was only one word “goonight” (bonuit) and that “elbow grease” (huile de coude) was a real product that could be used for almost everything around the house !

03. I’ve got a big dog and a small cat (it is not a young cat, just a cat that is not-that-big ) and they’re best friends. The french expression « getting along like cats and dogs » (s’entendre comme chien et chat) is clearly unfounded.

04. I spend hours on Pinterest pining anything that inspires me. For now, I have about fifteen boards, and this is not over…

05. Before A Pretty Idea, I created two blogs about my overseas adventures. The first one when I was living in Mexico and a second one about my indian adventures that was named Kolam and Patchouli!

06. My wedding was decided exactly four weeks before the D-day. It took place nearby a lake with some friends and close family only. Everything, from decoration to food, was homemade.

07. My dreams mix up such bizarre elements, real people and experienced situations, that I often wake up laughing.

08. I often got the giggles. Sometimes, I even end up laughing alone, thinking about my giggles…

09. My hair is blonde AND brown. During summer, the sun quickly lighten it, then it grows darker during winter. My mum told me that I already had light strands when I was born. People often think that I bleach it but it’s not the case.

10. I love pastas! When I was a child, my mum told me « you’ll grow out of it », but there are so many types and ways to cook them that I never got bored. They’re often on the menu at home (and soon on the blog!).

11. I love to take pictures but I don’t print enough of them. My favorites are traveling pictures.


11 questions from Jee :

01. What is your biggest passion ?

Traveling! If I could, I would spend my whole life on the road, discovering new landscapes, meeting new people. But for now, I have many projects in France. So blogging is the best way to keep traveling virtually. Apart from that, I love sewing, gardening, cooking and all sorts of crafts that I share on A Pretty Idea.

02. What is your dream place to live ?

Each morning, I wake up willing to live in a different country (it’s not easy for my husband to follow). I have lived in Mexico and in India and now we are thinking of moving to the USA.

03. What accomplishment are you most proud of ?

Two years ago, my husband and I were working in India for a local NGO. We’ve been given « carte blanche » to set up a project with Dalits children (Dalits are Intouchables, which means they’re at the very bottom of the caste pyramid). We set up many artistic workshops (Johan is a musician and I taught dance) and we created a Festival for awareness played in front of the whole village. I’m not proud of the work accomplished  because the children taught me a lot more than I could ever bring to them. But I’m proud I pushed past my comfort zone to live this amazing experience.

04. What is your most beautiful memory ?

This is a difficult choice… Most probably the people I met on the road. I am most touched by people’s eyes. Even years after, they are engraved in my memory.

05. What’s the one thing you can’t get rid of ?

My MacBook Air (a wonderful present from my family). It follows me everywhere and without it, there would be no blog, so it really became indispensable.

06. What is your hidden talent ?

I dance Salsa! I took classes when I was living in Mexico. I dance since I was a child and that puts me in a good mood!

07. What is your worst flaw ?

I have lots of them! My worst is definitely my lack of confidence because it prevented me from doing things sometimes. But I’m trying to fix this with new challenges (like starting a new blog).

08. Did you ever travel ? If yes, which countries did you go to ?

Apart from Mexico and India, I lived in Valencia, in Spain, for a while. But as soon as we get enough money, we go on a trip for adventure on board of our little truck. A few time ago, we drove across Italia, from Turin to Naples and the old truck went all the way to top of the Vesuvius where it could enjoy a breathtaking sight.

09. What is your greatest fear ?

I’m terrified of dentists! Have you seen the horror movie The Dentist ? Don’t do that! I’ve seen it when I was a child. Now I’m traumatized for life.

10. Which project would you like to undertake ?

A round the world trip (just this). I’d love to find an old Kombi in Mexico, rearrange it and go all around South America.

11. What can we expect to see on your blog in the future ?

This is just the beginning, so there will be a lot of surprises and new categories. I have some sewing projects on the side among other things… I also envisage creating « home tours » and « inspiration » sections.


11 questions from Laurène :

01. What is the most ridiculous nickname that has been given to you ?

« La reine des neiges » it’s the french name of the movie « Frozen » and it means « the snow queen »  ! I work with children and my name is Elsa so that explains it… If I got a penny every time a kiddo sings the OST of Frozen to me I would be a billionaire ! If there is a « Frozen 2 » I will have to go away on a retreat on a deserted island…

02. What is your birth city ?

I grow up in a small village in eastern France. But I moved out so much since then… this is actually my 12th home.

03. Since when do you blog ?

My first  bog was dedicated to my life in Mexico, about 4 years ago. The adventure with A Pretty Idea started a fed months ago.

04. What are your next vacation plans  ?

A romantic getaway with our little truck, where the wind will take us…

05. Do you prefer to travel with a backpack or three big suitcase ?

When I flew away from France to Mexico, I could only take 30 lbs of luggage for a whole year ! Ever since I got used to travel light. But I can fill a whole car trunk if I don’t pay attention…

06. Do you have a secret hobby ?

I love to sit on a terrace, look at people passing by and image their life. I tend to do that on public transportation to.

07. What is your best childhood memory ?

Summer vacation with my cousins and friends. These were pure moments of happiness and carefreeness.

08. The superpower you wish you had ?

Teleportation ! To spend the weekend in Pondichery, stop by Barcelona for tapas, spend the night in Mexico dancing salsa and be back in time for coffee and croissants at home !

09. You only have 24 hours to live, what do you do ?

I throw a big party with all my friends and family plus all the people I met on the road.

10. A good restaurant tip ?

« Toky »for the best sushis in Lyon (thank you Claire, so much memories…)

11. The last song you listened to on your iPod ?

I don’t have an iPod but with a musician husband there is always music playing at home. The style depends on the mood…


So this was fun ! Did you recognized yourself in some of the answers ?

 I wrote my questions to 11 bloggers on the french version of the website (Hellocoton mostly presents french blogs sorry).

But I would love to know more about you. So feel free to answer some of the questions I answered and leave me a comment.


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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