Home tour – Welcome to our little blue truck

Blue truck1

I am so happy to share this special place with you today. For the first Home Tour on A Pretty Idea, I wanted to present a special place to me. And there is no home more special to me than this tiny blue truck. I am not attached to a lot of things but this little blue truck means a lot to me. It once belonged to my older brother who actually realized most of the work in it. When he passed away, I promised myself I would drive this little truck as long and as far as I could. And I have been traveling with it ever since. My dad and one of my uncles help me a lot with all the maintenance and reparations. They did amazing things to keep it in working order and I am so grateful.

Whenever Johan and I get the chance, we take the road, windows down (mainly because there is no AC) and music playing loud (to cover the noise of the engine running)… I love everything about it, even the oil scent and the vibration noises.


 I love the feeling of freedom we get while driving it. I like that kiddos smile and wave at us when they see the truck. Oh and you can literally look down at those driving sports car from the cabin… Honestly the best part is we stop wherever and whenever we want to. You have no schedule when you travel this way. When we get tired, we just stop and put on the bed. Thanks to this little truck, we visited the most beautiful places. We had diner in the most amazing spots and insolite places for free.


On the back, there is a table that can be removed to make place for a bed. There is also a little kitchen with a sink and a camping stove. A camping shower is in one of the cupboard, we put it on the roof to have hot water, then we open the two back doors and hang a curtain between them for a little privacy.

We don’t need more. This what happiness looks like to us…

Blue truck2 Blue truck3 Blue truck4 Blue truck5 Blue truck6 Blue truck7 Blue truck8 Blue truck9 Blue truck10 Blue truck11 Blue truck12 Blue truck13 Blue truck14 Blue truck15 Blue truck16 Blue truck17 Blue truck18 Blue truck19 Blue truck20 Blue truck21 Blue truck22Thanks a lot for letting me share this special home with you…


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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