Black and gold theme for a party

B&G banner

Last october we had a big surprise birthday party for my husband. I chose a black ans gold theme for the party as I think those two colors are glamourous but still masculine. The party was punctuated with a lot of surprises, some friends we hadn’t seen in a long time came, our friends from different circles met, everybody had very thoughtful gifts and we had a lot of fun…


For the occasion I had prepared some black and gold decorations including a big Happy birthday banner, tissue paper pompoms, dots garlands and customized candle holders.

I also made dozens of vanilla and coffee cupcakes and I will give you my recipe soon.

DIY Happy Birthday Banner

For this banner you’ll need:

– old boxes of cereals

– printed letters

– golden ribbon

– a hole punch

– some glue

– scissors


1 – Print the letters and cut them out

2 – Cut out 13 squares of 6in

3 – Glue the letters on the squares

4 – Punch two holes on each the top of each square

5 – Pass the ribbon through both holes


Dot garlands

B&G garland1B&G garlands 2


For these garlands you’ll need :

  • a big hole punch
  • golden pape or cardboard
  • tape
  • fishing thread

1- Punch holes in the golden cardboard

2- Place the confettis on the fishing thread at regular intervals and tape them on

3 – Hang on the garlands in front of windows or  on the ceiling


Black and gold candle holders

B&G candle holdersB&G candle holders 2

For these candles you’ll need:

  • old jars
  • self-adhesive gold paper
  • a hole punch
  • black ribbon
  • scissors

1- Degrease the jar

2 – Punch holes in the gold paper and stick them all around the jar

3 – Tie a black ribbon on the top of your jar (you can trim the edges of the ribbon for a better look)

4- Cut out a small rectangle in the gold paper and stick it around the base of your candle


These are some of my ideas for a birthday DIY in black and gold. I enjoyed up cycling these old jars and boxes into something classy. Hope it will give you some ideas to surprise your friends and families!


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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