Tissue paper pom pom

Hi !

I’m so glad to be here for the first decorating tutorial on A Pretty Idea. I was looking for something pretty, easy and affordable and I found the perfect project with this tissue paper pom pom.

This is a “minimum effort, maximum effect” decorating project. It is so pretty and poetic… perfect for a birthday party, a wedding or just decorating your home.

I have one  just above my dining room table and I love how it dances with the wind. This is also a s way to delimit spaces between the dining room and the living room.


For this project you’ll need :

– tissue paper (about 8 to 12 sheets)

– scissors

– thread (I used fishing thread)

– a ruler


This is how I did it:

1 – Line up the edges of the tissue paper sheets and, on the short side, start folding in accordion until all the tissue paper is folded

2 – Tie the middle of the paper with thread

3- Trim the edges (you can try different shapes from round to pointy)

4 – Unfold your accordion

5 – Pull each layer of paper, one at a time

 Hang your pom pom up !


pompom-1 pompom-2 pompoM-3 pompom-4 pompom-5 pompom-6 pompom-7



Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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