A few days in Marseille (2nd Part)

Hello everyone !


I’m so happy to be here for the second part of our travel to the city of Marseille. This city which sometimes suffers from a bad reputation is worth visiting. Here is some of our favorite spots and some of the multiple facets of the city.

If you’re on a break, holding a cup of coffee in your hand, then you’re in the perfect mood for what is coming up : a stop at the roasting and coffee place called « Torréfaction Noaille ». This place offer a wild selection of the best coffees and teas of the world. And why not try some local cookies too while you’re there ? This place is a must of a visit in Marseille.





Cours Julien and Aubagne street

Nearby the Cannebière is Aubagne street which concentrates the best oriental bakery shops, african shops with beautiful fabrics and traditional products. This is my favorite spot for finding colorful fabrics for further sewing projects. Not far from there, climbing up the painted stairs we arrive to the street called « cours julien ». This is an other creative neighborhood. We went there on a wednesday morning for the local farmers market and purchased goods for a great healthy picnic. I find a lovely necklace at a young designers shop. It was just perfect for my mother upcoming birthday. After a while visiting the little shops and selecting gifts for our relatives we went for a visit to The good mother (la bonne mère) the protector of the city.

Cours-julien-1 cours-julien-3cours-julien-2cours-julien-4Cours-julien-5Cours-julien-6cours-julien-7

Notre Dame de la Garde

NDGarde-1 NDgarde-4 NDgarde-2 NDgarde-6 NDgarde-5

Frioul Islands

If you want to getaway from the agitation of the city, the Frioul Islands is the perfect place for you. In just about a half hour, a boat take you from the old port to the islands. You can stop on If Island and discover the famous castle from the book of Dumas The count of Monte Cristo. On the second stop you can visit the Ratonneau island and go to the Saint-Estève beach with its turquoise blue water.  At the end of the day we went visiting the ruins of former hospital Caroline and Ratonneau’s fort from where the panorama is spectacular.

After the effort, the comfort ! It was time to enjoy the most beautiful sunset from a little beach on the other side of the island, only known from the locals (from the port in the direction of Saint-Estève beach, take the first road on the left). If you want to extend your stay on the island, the restaurant La Grillade is the only address worth going. The waitresses are the nicest, the food is delicious and think of the pleasure to eat with a view on the port.

After this lovely day it was time for us to go back to the old port. From the boat we could sea the lights of the city dancing. We had to go back to Lyon on the next day. We had just the time for a last swim and picnic on the beach with my friend Lucile before we hit the road.

Frioul1 Frioul2 Frioul3 Frioul4 Frioul5 Frioul6 Frioul7

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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